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adfreetdrThe Racial Policy Center does not focus on skin color, ethnicity, or religion. The Racial Policy Centers on Americans as a nationality. We believe that beginning very early in the 20th century and continuing uninterrupted until today, there has been a systematic and intentional effort to divide and destabilize America along racial and ethnic lines.

The objective of the Racial Policy Center is to expose, condemn, and ultimately to end the duplicitous race-based hypocrisy so prevalent in America today. The Racial Policy Center purposes to bring awareness to the American citizenry of the corrosive insidious heterodoxy of racial assignations that has been inculcated into the psyche of America.

The Racial Policy Center rejects and denounces, in the strongest possible terms, segregative language and the purposeful segregative mentality that is used to vilify one group of people and at the same time, used to emotionally and spiritually enslave another group of people to a past they have never lived and/or experienced.

The Declaration of Independence boldly declares: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Racial Policy Center believes that as long as the citizenry of America is compartmentalized by skin color and a government-mandated racial ethnicity, one color-coded group will be taught and encouraged to embrace victimization, despair, and immiseration, while the other group will be vilified as the evil and centralized subjugator and oppressor of those people.

The Racial Policy Center has studied those groups which have purported themselves to help people and speak for people based on their ethnicity and it is our opinion that these groups did not free minds, they simply validated the difference predicated upon skin-color.

While it will be necessary to reference skin-color, The Racial Policy Center will do so only to expose the duplicitous double standards employed by those who seek to profiteer from color of skin.

The Racial Policy Center will continue the practice of its progenitor, The Daily Rant, by not accepting donations from PACs, politicians, or government sources. The Racial Policy Center is committed to working for an America where being God-fearing Americans is valued more than being a color.

The Racial Policy Center accepts no financial support from politicians or political parties. We are made up of volunteers and paid professional staff. We are NOT a registered non profit – we REFUSE to be told what to say or do by the IRS.

The Center welcomes financial support for its continued development efforts at any levels.