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Slavery Wasn’t Based Upon Skin Color

Self-limiting pursuits that serve only to retard personal growth and reject modernity have plagued blacks in America uninterrupted, in the form of identity politics, since the collapse of the oppressive eras of subjugated inequality, i.e., slavery, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), and Jim Crow laws that were instituted and maintained by the Democrat Party. No […]

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Obama Promotes and Supports Racial Strife

Following are but a few examples pursuant to how Obama promotes, encourages, and supports racial strife. The Racial Policy Center is committed to exposing and combatting atrocities such as these. If you agree that this must be combatted your generous support is needed. ********************** On March 4, 2007, Obama spoke at a church in Selma, […]

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Racial Policy Center Blasts Obama Over ‘Nigger’ Comment At White House Dinner

The Racial Policy Center (RPC) denounces Barack Obama and Larry Wilmore for their moral opprobriousness and their pernicious disrespect for propriety. Wilmore’s flagrant and boorish use of the “N” word at the White House Correspondent’s Association dinner was not only in poor taste but it spoke to the lowest common denominator of human character. It […]

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