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Mission Statement


The mission of the Racial Policy Center (RPC) is to stimulate cogent debate and dialogue on issues of race, sans the vulgar vitriol and accusatory heterodoxy accompanied by the name-calling and ad hominem attacks that have become consistent with such dialogue.

The RPC purposes to end the divisive acrimony of racially segregative assignations such as “African-American” ad nauseum.  The RPC believes that racial assignations have been designed and used to foment racial discord and resentment between Americans.

The RPC believes that America must view all legal citizens as Americans juxtaposed to racially hyphenated-ethnicities, which foments antipathy and anger.

The RPC not only advocates for a true color-blind society but we believe that a true colorblind society is attainable.  RPC purposes to empower individuals and groups with the understanding of how to make same a reality.