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Obama Promotes and Supports Racial Strife

Following are but a few examples pursuant to how Obama promotes, encourages, and supports racial strife. The Racial Policy Center is committed to exposing and combatting atrocities such as these. If you agree that this must be combatted your generous support is needed.

On March 4, 2007, Obama spoke at a church in Selma, Alabama, pastored by New Black Panther Party member, Estella Shabazz. It was eight months later that Obama sat in silence as his Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder refused to prosecute the most egregious and flagrant act of “voter intimidation” since the Jim Crow period. It was perpetrated by the New Black Panther Party members dressed in Gestapo type uniforms, brandishing nightsticks, menacing and threatening white voters in Philadelphia, PA, while shouting that “white people would soon be ruled by a black man.”

J. Christian Adams, former attorney for the Voting Rights Section of the Department of Justice, explained that the prosecution of the voter intimidation case never took place because “racial extremists dominate such a powerful division of federal law enforcement” and that former Attorney General Eric Holder openly boasted it was “payback time [for whites]” for past racial sins” against blacks.

Obama has ignored racially motivated crimes against whites; he has ignored massively increased incidents of anti-Semitism, and merciless persecution of Christians both here and abroad. However, he rushed to judgment and accusations of wrongdoing siding with black professor Louis Gates against the white police officer who was not only performing his job correctly but was safeguarding the well-being of professor Gates as the officer was trained to do.

Obama sent a contingent of White House representatives to the funeral of Michael Brown, a well-known strong-arm robber, drug dealer, and hoodlum in Ferguson, MO. Brown was shot and killed by Saint Louis County Police Department Officer Darren Wilson during a struggle in which Brown had attacked Officer Wilson inflicting punishing facial injuries upon him. The Obama Justice Department publicly lamented they were unable to charge Officer Wilson in the face of irrefutable evidence that witnesses for Brown lied and that Brown had caused his own death due to his unprovoked attacked against Officer Wilson.

In June of 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court, in an action brought by the Obama administration, expanded the Fair Housing Act. It can now be viewed as evidence of racial discrimination if application forms require every applicant regardless of skin color to have a clean criminal record. Obama’s office of Housing and Urban Development is run by Julian Castro, the son of Rosie Castro who helped found the anti-white, Socialist Chicano party “La Raza.” Castro has targeted only neighborhoods with near 100 percent white demographics and forced Section 8 Housing upon them. Castro claims it is to combat “residential segregation” under the title of “affirmatively furthering fair housing.”

The Obama administration has been adamant in its belief that only blacks can use the word “nigger.” At the recent White House Correspondents’ Association dinner Obama warmly embraced being called “my nigger” by comedian Larry Wilmore. The same media that sat in cemetery silence when this took place at a dinner recognizing them, have referenced any criticism directed at Obama’s policies as “criticism because of his color.”

In March 2016, a 21-time Emmy Award winning white news anchor in Pittsburgh, PA, was forced to apologize and then fired for writing on her private Facebook page that the perpetrators of a mass murder that included the murder of a baby in a overwhelmingly black neighborhood shows the characteristics of familial dysfunctionality so prevalent in neighborhoods with said demographics. Her personal catharsis was proven 100 percent correct when the mass murderers turned out to be black and exactly as she described but that did not protect her employment.

It is clear to all that the media is either knowingly complicit or fearful of being fired for reporting all news factually regardless of skin color.

The aforementioned examples does not include the ever increasing institutional social programming of white students that they are privileged based on skin color, that they are inherently racist, and that they are to be ashamed at being white.

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