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October 2016:
I first met Mychal Massie several years ago by reaching out to him regarding an article he wrote on So I was thrilled, when he and I recently collaborated on the idea to have a discussion at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens New York, where I am employed as a chaplain. The discussion was titled “Frank Talk About Race.” There were ten attendees, including myself and a fellow pastor/volunteer at the discussion held in our conference room. There were eight blacks, one white, and one Filipino.

Mychal Massie masterfully steered the conversation in a way that was not only intellectually stimulating but devoid of acrimony. Though he challenged all of us we felt we were learning something about ourselves as well as the external forces that influence us. All in all it was time well spent and Mychal Massie is a very much sought after speaker for good reason.

Reverend Anthony L Winfield [aka The Pistol Packing Preacher] is a former Marine combat veteran of Vietnam and author of Self Defense and the Bible. Reverend Winfield is well known in pro-gun circles as one of America’s foremost pro-gun ministers.

Speaking the Truth in Love

Love without truth is compromise and non correctional. Truth without love is damaging, degrading and destructive. Not long ago, I heard the perfect balance when Mychal Massie spoke to our congregation about a passion that is both unique and dear to him. That subject was a frank message on Race in America.

Too many pulpits will do all they can to ignore or at best, present a lop-sided elucidation on this important issue. Too many of God’s leaders, so filled with fear, avoid the question altogether. Mychal Massie is the exception. He has long been a proponent of confronting the lies, hypocrisies and political correct nonsense when it comes to the subject of race relations.

My congregation of mixed ethnicities were enlightened and challenged as they heard the bare truth delivered in a loving manner from Mychal Massie. I have never witnessed such a stirring treatise on the subject in my 35 years on ministry!

Pastor Steve Nash
Christian Community Chapel
Hillsborough, NJ 08844